Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 4: Fatherhood and Public Policy - Employment among Fathers with Criminal Records, CPS-Investigated Maltreatment by Fathers, Including Fathers in Homeless Shelters and Addressing Domestic Violence in Fatherhood Programs

Dec 2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

3-4:30 PM EST

This webinar features findings from four FRPN-funded studies dealing with fatherhood in key public policy areas: state laws on access to criminal records and employment, investigations of child maltreatment perpetrated by fathers, including fathers in homeless shelters, and addressing domestic violence in fatherhood programs. 

Moderator: Jessica Pearson, Center for Policy Research, Denver


  • Lenna Nepomnyaschy & Allison Dwyer Emory, & Alexandra Haralampoudis. Rutgers University, NJ. State Policies and Employment Outcomes among Fathers with Criminal Records.
  • Julia Kobulsky and Rachel Wildfeuer, Temple University, PA. Child Protective Services-Investigated Maltreatment by Fathers: Distinguishing Characteristics and Disparate Outcomes
  • Karin Garg & Karen Hudson, Temple University, PA. Exploring Systems Change: Adoption, Implementation, and Consequences of the Inclusion of Fathers with their Families in Homeless Shelters
  • Kristie Thomas & Fernando Mederos, Simmons University, MA. Responsible Fatherhood Groups and Domestic Violence Education: An Exploratory Study of Current Practices, Barriers, and Opportunities

Register for the webinar at the link below. 



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