News from the Fatherhood Research & Practice Network
News from the Fatherhood Research & Practice Network
The FRPN seeks to:
  • Promote rigorous evaluation of fatherhood programs.
  • Expand the number of researchers and practitioners collaborating to evaluate these programs.
  • Disseminate information that leads to effective fatherhood practice and evaluation research.
FRPN Funding
We are pleased to report that we received 70 letters of interest from projects interested in applying for the first round of FRPN funding. A select group of practitioners and researchers are currently reviewing these letters that introduce very interesting partnerships with researchers and fatherhood programs. We plan to send official invitations to submit proposals to selected applicants by August 15. The award winners will be announced after October 31. Learn more about FRPN funding opportunities.
Technical Assistance Resources
In addition to funding new research, the FRPN plans to offer free technical assistance (TA) to fatherhood programs to strengthen their ability to do evaluation research.

We understand that adding evaluation measures to a fatherhood program may seem like a daunting task. However, putting evaluation measures in place helps programs better track outcomes and potentially become more attractive to funders. Having a greater understanding of the services or interventions that are most effective will also improve the long-term sustainability of the fatherhood field.

Just what types of TA for evaluation research do fatherhood programs need? We'd like to hear from you as we build our services. Here are some of our ideas:
  • Develop a computerized management information (MIS) system to track client enrollment, service delivery and outcomes. This is designed for programs that don’t have an MIS and will include a low-cost monthly hosting fee.
  • Provide one-on-one consulting services on evaluation for interested programs.
  • Develop measurement tools and research instruments targeted to father engagement, co-parenting and other important outcomes.
  • Create an Institutional Review Board (IRB) for fatherhood programs that do not have access to one or are not connected with a university.
  • Develop a certificate program on evaluation research for fatherhood program staff that qualifies for continuing education credit.
  • Continue to develop online materials, videos, webinars and other resources focused on program evaluation and post them on the FRPN website.
  • Develop an evaluation self-assessment tool for programs.
  • Help programs connect with researchers in close proximity who are interested in doing evaluation research projects.
Help us determine what types of TA the fatherhood field needs by completing the FRPN TA poll. Click here to get started. We appreciate your time and feedback!

Contact Us to Learn More
FRPN Co-Director Jay Fagan, PhD | Professor, Temple University School of Social Work

FRPN Co-Director Jessica Pearson, PhD | Director, Center for Policy Research

FRPN Coordinator Rebecca Kaufman, MSW | Temple University

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