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Final FRPN Webinar Posted
Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 4: Fatherhood and Public Policy

The final FRPN webinar featured findings from four FRPN-funded studies dealing with fatherhood in key public policy areas: state laws on access to criminal records and employment, investigations of child maltreatment perpetrated by fathers, including fathers in homeless shelters, and addressing domestic violence in fatherhood programs.

Presenters included:

View the webinar and download the presenter slides here.

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New FRPN Grantee Report

Since 2014, the FRPN has awarded funding to 20 research projects. The report for one project, A Randomized Controlled Trial to Examine the Impact of Cell Phone Technology on Engagement and Retention of Fathers in a Fatherhood Program, is now available.

Questions persist as to the best way to recruit, engage and retain fathers in responsible fatherhood programs. Through FRPN-funding, Stony Brook University and the Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative (SCFI) conducted a study using cell phone technology to reach and retain fathers in a fatherhood program.

The study explored the use of two interventions and a control group among 212 participants: (1) providing cell phones and sending text messages to participants in the SCFI program with the goal of increasing participants engagement, participation and retention and (2) increasing the incentive for research interviews with the goal of increasing retention in the program and research protocol. Researchers did not see any effect of either the texting or increased incentive on their measure of father's engagement, participation or retention in the program.

Despite the lack of definitive findings in terms of key outcomes, fathers expressed positive views about texting and the research team believes that utilization of modern technology has potential to help fathers stay connected to responsible fatherhood programs.

Read the full study report here. Reports for other research projects funded by the FRPN are available online at

Temple University College of Public Health Features FRPN-Funded Research

Recently, research funded by the FRPN and conducted at Temple University, Child Protective Services-Investigated Maltreatment by Fathers: Distinguishing Characteristics and Disparate Outcomes, was highlighted by the Temple University College of Public Health.

This study examines situations of fathers involved in maltreatment cases reported to Child Protective Services systems. Among its findings, the research suggests that although father-alone maltreatment was associated with less severe physical abuse behavior, child maltreatment cases involving fathers are more likely to lead to criminal investigations.

According to researcher Julia Kobulsky, “In lower risk (CPS) cases, appropriate services for fathers may successfully prevent harm and preserve family relationships.”

Read the article.

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your support over the past six years. We wish you a joyous holiday season and a happy and healthy new year.

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