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December Webinar
Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 4: Fatherhood and Public Policy - Employment Among Fathers with Criminal Records, CPS-Investigated Maltreatment by Fathers, Including Fathers in Homeless Shelters, and Addressing Domestic Violence in Fatherhood Programs

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
3 - 4:30 PM EST

This webinar features findings from four FRPN-funded studies dealing with fatherhood in key public policy areas: state laws on access to criminal records and employment, investigations of child maltreatment perpetrated by fathers, including fathers in homeless shelters, and addressing domestic violence in fatherhood programs.

Moderator: Jessica Pearson, Center for Policy Research, Denver


  • Lenna Nepomnyaschy & Allison Dwyer Emory, & Alexandra Haralampoudis. Rutgers University, NJ. State Policies and Employment Outcomes among Fathers with Criminal Records
  • Julia Kobulsky and Rachel Wildfeuer, Temple University, PA. Child Protective Services-Investigated Maltreatment by Fathers: Distinguishing Characteristics and Disparate Outcomes
  • Karin Garg & Karen Hudson, Temple University, PA. Exploring Systems Change: Adoption, Implementation, and Consequences of the Inclusion of Fathers with their Families in Homeless Shelters
  • Kristie Thomas & Fernando Mederos, Simmons University, MA. Responsible Fatherhood Groups and Domestic Violence Education: An Exploratory Study of Current Practices, Barriers, and Opportunities

If you are interested in fatherhood research conducted in real world settings with public policy implications, don’t miss the final FRPN webinar.

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FRPN Webinar Available for Download

The November FRPN webinar, A Conversation About State-Level Initiatives for Father Inclusion, is now available for download on the FRPN website.

This webinar features four directors of FRPN state planning teams that received $10,000 awards in January 2019 to develop state-level initiatives for father inclusion. The featured directors discuss their initiatives focusing on goals, activities, challenges, accomplishments and next steps.

Download the presenter slides and watch the November FRPN webinar.
FRPN Research Presented at APPAM Conference

The New Program and Policy Research on Fatherhood panel at the at the 2019 Fall APPAM Research Conference in Denver featured papers by FRPN co-directors Jessica Pearson and Jay Fagan and FRPN sub-grantees, Jennifer Bellamy and Shawna Lee. The discussants for the panel included FRPN sub-grantee Qiana Cryer-Coupet.

The presented papers included:

  • Jessica Pearson et al., “Developing Father Inclusion Policy at the State Level: A Qualitative Assessment of Enablers and Barriers”
  • Jennifer Bellamy et al., “The Engagement of Fathers in Home Visiting Services: Learning for the Dads Matter-HV Study”
  • Shawna Lee et al., “Testing the Feasibility of an Interactive Mentor-Based Text Messaging Program to Increase Fathers’ Engagement in Home Visitation”
  • Jay Fagan et al., “Mothers Engagement in Coparenting and Coparenting Intervention Outcomes for Mothers and Fathers”
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FRPN Co-Director Jay Fagan, PhD | Professor, Temple University School of Social Work
FRPN Co-Director Jessica Pearson, PhD | Director, Center for Policy Research

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