News from the Fatherhood Research & Practice Network
News from the Fatherhood Research & Practice Network
New FRPN Measure and Video: Fathers’ Decision Making Responsibility

The Fatherhood Research and Practice Network (FRPN) project team recently developed a new measure and corresponding video related to fathers’ decision making responsibility for their children.

The measure was developed using data the FRPN collected from 646 low-income, nonresidential (mostly never married) fathers. One-third of the fathers attended fatherhood programs and two-thirds resided in communities with high concentrations of poverty. Responsibility is conceptualized as fathers’ involvement in making decisions for children. This measure has been validated with a sample of fathers very similar to those served in U.S. responsible fatherhood programs.

Click here to download the measure and view the video.

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FRPN Hosts Third Learning Community Webinar

On Tuesday, September 22 more than 200 people participated in the FRPN’s third learning community webinar: Engaging Mothers and Improving Co-Parenting Among Unmarried Parents. The webinar highlighted the following topics:

  • Why mother engagement is important for fatherhood programs.
  • Why mothers may be reluctant to participate in fatherhood programs and successful strategies to engage them.
  • Coparenting interventions and curricula.
  • Addressing domestic violence and safety.
  • Current research as well as relevant outcomes and measurement.

Panelists participating in the webinar included:

  • Paul Florsheim, Ph.D., professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Leondra Davis, Family PACT, Coshocton, Ohio
  • Judy Williams, Action for Children, Columbus, Ohio
  • Anthony J. Mingo, Sr., Richmond Family and Fatherhood Initiative
  • Tauchanna Gregory, Richmond Family and Fatherhood Initiative

Watch this webinar on the FRPN website here.

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FRPN Website Updates

The FRPN website provides a wealth of resources to assist fatherhood practitioners and researchers in evaluating fatherhood programs. Our project team recently completed two studies within the areas of father involvement and coparenting. The findings of these studies are now posted on the FRPN website.

Using Recall Calendars to Measure Fathers’ Nights Spent with Children

Recall calendars or time diaries provide a potentially effective method for collecting data on nights fathers spent in the same residence as their children. This study examines the use of a modified time diary, in the form of a recall calendar, to assess the number of nights children spent with their fathers in the past 30 days and compare that data with information on residency status.

Assessing Fathers’ Coparenting Networks

To investigate coparenting among fathers, the FRPN developed an assessment tool designed to address the size, composition and quality of fathers’ coparenting networks. We then administered this instrument with a sample of more than 600 fathers. This study found that the average, low-income nonresidential father reports two or more coparenting partners.

Upcoming FRPN Certificate Programs

The FRPN is pleased to announce that we plan to host several one-day certificate programs at national and statewide fatherhood conferences in 2016.

Designed for practitioners, program managers and researchers, Program Evaluation 101 provides tools for strengthening fatherhood programs and boosting their potential for future funding. Participants will receive a Certificate in Evaluation Practice from Temple University. Licensed social workers will receive 5 social work Continuing Education Units (CEU). Breakout sessions include:

  • Establishing partnerships with programs and researchers
  • Recruitment and retention for effective fatherhood evaluation
  • Selecting outcome measures
  • Proposals and logic models
  • Types of evaluations: What is your program ready for?
  • Data: Collecting, managing and presenting results

Program Evaluation 101 will take place at the following conferences:

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FRPN Co-Director Jay Fagan, PhD | Professor, Temple University School of Social Work

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