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A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effectiveness of a Responsible Fatherhood Program: The Case of TYRO Dads.


FRPN Research Brief: Attendance in Community-Based Fatherhood Programs

This research brief addresses the problem of low attendance in programs for low-income fathers. We review approaches to measuring attendance, rates of attendance, influences on attendance, the effects of attendance on fathers’ outcomes, and future directions for improving attendance and studying it.


FRPN Webinar 

On Tuesday, February 6 the FRPN hosted our 10th learning community webinar: Inside the Black Box, Part 2: Fathers' Attendance in Fatherhood Programs. This webinar focuses on participant attendance in fatherhood programs. Presenters discuss rates of attendance, factors that affect it and methods of increasing it. 


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This article documents the development and validation of a new 11-item coparenting measure.
This study uses a sample of 420 primarily low-income nonresident fathers to...