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New FRPN Grantee Report 

Do Responsible Fatherhood Programs Work? A Comprehensive Meta-analytic Study examines the effects of responsible fatherhood programs targeting unmarried, never married and low-income fathers through a meta-analysis of studies that employed a control/treatment design. 


FRPN Grantee Report 

Evaluating Mother and Nonresidential Father Engagement in Coparenting Services in a Fatherhood Program examines the characteristics of nonresidential fathers participating in a fatherhood program at the Talbert house in Cincinnati, OH, including predictors and barriers to father and mother engagement in coparenting services. 


New Research Brief 

More than half of incarcerated men in the U.S. report having children under the age of 18. Parenting Programs for Incarcerated Fathers examines the effects of the incarceration of fathers on communities, families and children; the experiences of fathers before, during and after their incarceration; and programs for incarcerated fathers that have demonstrated positive impacts for fathers, families and children.


The Whys and Hows of Process Evaluation
The DAD MAP Evaluation: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Culturally Tailored Parenting and Responsible Fatherhood Program