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FRPN Webinar: A Conversation with Researchers About Measuring Economic Security Outcomes in Fatherhood Programs  

View our fifth webinar which explores how fatherhood programs can measure outcomes such as employment, earnings, child support payments and financial well-being using self-reports and agency records. 

FRPN Measurement Resources

The FRPN is developing research measures that help to assess outcomes or moderating variables among the fathers participating in those programs. Each measure includes a corresponding video that provides a brief training on how to use the measure.


Our Focus

Responsible fatherhood: Programs or interventions to increase positive father engagement with children.

Economic security: Programs or interventions to increase father's ability to support themselves and their children and families economically.

Coparenting/healthy relationships: Programs or interventions to increase parenting time and support stable and positive coparental relationships and healthy relationships.



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