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Since 2014, the Fatherhood Research and Practice Network (FRPN) has awarded funding to 20 research projects. Reports for two projects are now available.

The Engagement of Fathers in Home Visiting Services: Learning from the Dads Matter-HV Study

The “Dads Matter-HV” (home visitation) service enhancement is an intervention that guides home visitors on how to optimize fathers’ roles during the critical first four months of home visiting services, when family and service patterns are most malleable. Through FRPN-funding, a group of researchers led by the University of Denver’s Jennifer Bellamy, PhD., in collaboration with Metropolitan Family Services and four other Chicago-based programs, investigated home visitors’ attitudes and expectations about working with fathers and the effects of implementing the Dads Matter enhancement on fathers’ participation in home visits and the home visitors’ relationships with mothers and fathers.

Findings from this study indicate that home visitors report generally positive attitudes toward engaging fathers, training home visitors in Dads Matter-HV increases dads’ participation in home visiting services, and it does not compromise workers’ relationships with mothers. Moreover, home visitors trained in Dads Matter-HV describe using more, and more varied, approaches to engaging fathers in services.

Download the Dads Matter-HV study.

Responsible Fatherhood Groups and Domestic Violence Education: An Exploratory Study of Current Practices, Barriers, and Opportunities

There is increasing recognition that the unique features of responsible fatherhood groups make them a potentially powerful venue for selective and universal domestic violence prevention. However, the few studies that have been conducted on this topic suggest that addressing domestic violence in responsible fatherhood groups is neither widespread nor standardized.

FRPN awarded funding to Simmons University researchers to explore the extent to which responsible fatherhood groups are addressing domestic violence and identify the barriers and supports that influence their ability to do so.

Study findings indicate that there has been considerable progress among many responsible fatherhood groups regarding their attitudes, norms, and innovative practices related to addressing the issue of domestic violence. Ensuring that this shift continues will require substantially more financial resources as well as mutual education and relationship-building between the responsible fatherhood and domestic violence fields.

Review the Simmons University study.

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Paper on Attrition and Attendance in Fatherhood Programs Published

Laxman, D.J., Higginbotham, B.J., & Bradford, K. (2019). Predictors of attrition and attendance in a fatherhood education program. Children and Youth Services Review, 103, 287-297.

This study examined risk-factors for attrition (drop out) and poor attendance of 1,040 fathers enrolled in a five-session fatherhood education program with an emphasis on parenting. Results indicated that education, income, age, and relationship conflict were associated with attrition and/or missed sessions. Financial incentives did not affect program attrition and attendance patterns. Implications of these findings for policy and practice are discussed.

Article on FRPN State Planning Grants Published

Pearson, J. (2020) ”Pursuing Father Inclusion at the State Level Through FRPN Planning Grants“ CommuniQue, National Child Support Enforcement Association. Published online January 2020.

In January 2019, the FRPN made planning grant awards to 11 states to develop plans to enhance father inclusion in state policies and programs. This article presents an overview of activities and challenges that these 11 states experienced in their nine-months of activity. It shows that small awards coupled with technical assistance and support by an intermediary like FRPN can be impactful, and it presents an example of how the goals of father inclusion in human services agencies might be achieved.

Read the article.

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