FRPN Grantee Report: Responsible Fatherhood Groups and Domestic Violence Education: An Exploratory Study of Current Practices, Barriers, and Opportunities

Jan 2020 | Kristie A. Thomas & Fernando Mederos

There is increasing recognition that the unique features of responsible fatherhood groups make them a potentially powerful venue for selective and universal domestic violence prevention, However, the few studies that have been conducted on this topic suggest that addressing domestic violence in responsible fatherhood groups is neither widespread nor standardized. FRPN awarded funding to Simmons University researchers to explore the extent to which responsible fatherhood groups are addressing domestic violence and identify the barriers and supports that influence their ability to do so.

Study findings indicate that there has been considerable progress among many responsible fatherhood groups regarding their attitudes, norms, and innovative practices related to addressing the issue of domestic violence. Ensuring that this shift continues will require substantially more financial resources as well as mutual education and relationship-building between the responsible fatherhood and domestic violence fields.

The full study can be downloaded below. Review the executive summary or download the summary report. 

Study authors collaborated to create domestic violence tip sheets for responsible fatherhood programs:

This study was also featured in the December 2019 FRPN webinar - Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 4: Fatherhood & Public Policy.

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