Grantee Reports

FRPN grantees are conducting a variety of evaluation studies of fatherhood programs and research into issue areas that impact fathers and child well-being. Several grantees are leading exploratory and descriptive research studies that provide insight into previously unstudied or understudied areas. Other studies include projects led by researcher/practitioner teams that involve the collection of data from program participants and/or staff at pre- and post-program time points to assess changes in father-child involvement and coparenting. 
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Below you will find reports from the FRPN grantees that outline their work.

Supporting Resources

State Policies and Employment Outcomes among Fathers with Criminal Records

Oct 2019 | Allison Dwyer Emory, Alexandra Haralampoudis, Lenna Nepomnyaschy Read More

FRPN Grantee Report: Considering Contextual Influences on Fatherhood Program Participants’ Experiences in Alabama

Aug 2019 | Francesca Adler-Baeder, Julianne McGill, Ami Landers, Rachel Odomes, Alexander, Chan, Sallye Longshore, Nancy Buckner & Faye Nelson Read More

FRPN Grantee Report: Do Responsible Fatherhood Programs Work? A Comprehensive Meta-analytic Study

Dec 2018 | Erin Holmes, Alan Hawkins, Braquel Egginton, Nathan Robbins & Kevin Shafer Read More

FRPN Grantee Report: Evaluating Mother and Nonresidential Father Engagement in Coparenting Services in a Fatherhood Program

Nov 2018 | Sarah Whitton, Kimberley Sperber, Karen Ludwig, Aaron Vissman & Harold Howard Read More



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