FRPN Grantee Report: The DAD MAP Evaluation: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Culturally Tailored Parenting and Responsible Fatherhood Program

Feb 2018 | Bright Sarfo

In 2014, the Center for Urban Families (CFUF), in collaboration with Bright Sarfo, PhD, as the lead researcher, received funding from the FRPN to conduct a randomized control trial to test the efficacy of the Developing all Dads for Manhood and Parenting (DAD MAP) program. The study aimed to contribute to a growing body of research on effective practices within fatherhood programs by providing a rigorous study of a culturally tailored fatherhood curriculum for low-income fathers residing in Baltimore, Maryland.

The DAD MAP curriculum workshops are part of the Baltimore Responsible Fatherhood Project (BRFP) at CFUF, which also includes intensive case management and child support advocacy. One of the core objectives of this evaluation was to identify the value of including a theoretically structured parental skills building curriculum into a fatherhood program service in order to achieve outcomes dealing with parenting, co-parenting relationship quality, child wellbeing, and workforce participation.

The full study can be downloaded below. Download the summary report here or the executive summary here

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