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Upcoming Webinar 

Join us on September 17 from 2-3:30 PM ET for the 15th FRPN learning community webinar - Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 3: Engaging Mothers in Coparenting Interventions: Challenges, Characteristics of Mothers Who Engage & Outcomes.


New FRPN Grantee Report

Considering Contextual Influences on Fatherhood Program Participants’ Experiences in Alabama is a study of a large group of fathers participating in fatherhood programs that assesses the average change trajectory in multiple target outcomes over a one-year period and explores variations in retention and in outcomes within the group.


New FRPN Report

Potential Monetary Value of Responsible Fatherhood Program Outcomes for Fathers and Children, written by Wilder Research, outlines how to monetize the economic returns and avoided costs of outcomes typically associated with responsible fatherhood programs.


View FRPN webinars related to enhancing father inclusion in state programs and policies to help generate more reliable funding for fatherhood programs.
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