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The 14th FRPN learning community webinar - Testing the Use of Cellphones and Online Resources to Engage Fathers and Improve Parenting - features four-FRPN funded studies that explored the use of text messages and online parent education programs to engage and retain fathers and/or deliver information about parenting and coparenting. 


New FRPN Report

Potential Monetary Value of Responsible Fatherhood Program Outcomes for Fathers and Children, written by Wilder Research, outlines how to monetize the economic returns and avoided costs of outcomes typically associated with responsible fatherhood programs.


FRPN Grantee Report 

Do Responsible Fatherhood Programs Work? A Comprehensive Meta-analytic Study examines the effects of responsible fatherhood programs targeting unmarried, never married and low-income fathers through a meta-analysis of studies that employed a control/treatment design. 


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