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December Learning Community Webinar 

The final FRPN webinar - Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 4: Fatherhood & Public Policy - features findings from four FRPN-funded studies dealing with fatherhood in four key public policy areas.


New FRPN Grantee Report

Participation Dosage in Key to Kāne: A Pilot Text-Messaging Intervention for Fathers assesses both the determinants of the extent to which participating fathers read text messages (i.e., reading dosage) and whether different reading dosages differentially affect intervention outcomes.


FRPN Grantee Report

In Testing the Feasibility of an Interactive, Mentor-Based, Text Messaging Program to Increase Fathers’ Engagement in Home Visitation, University of Michigan researchers explore the usage of Text4Dad in community fatherhood programs. 


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The Engagement of Fathers in Home Visiting Services: Learning from the Dads Matter-HV Study