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December Learning Community Webinar 

Our Dec. 10 webinar - Findings from FRPN-Funded Projects 4: Fatherhood and Public Policy - Employment among Fathers with Criminal Records, CPS-Investigated Maltreatment by Fathers, Including Fathers in Homeless Shelters and Addressing Domestic Violence in Fatherhood Programs - features findings from four FRPN-funded studies dealing with fatherhood in key public policy areas.


FRPN-Funded Report Published 

In State Policies and Employment Outcomes among Fathers with Criminal Records researchers investigate how policies regulating the information employers can legally consider and the availability of official criminal record information shape the employment of fathers with criminal records.


New FRPN Research Report

Child Protective Services-Investigated Maltreatment by Fathers: Distinguishing Characteristics and Disparate Outcomes seeks to identify the distinguishing characteristics of maltreatment attributed to fathers in the child welfare system, and to determine whether father-perpetration is associated with disparate Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation outcomes.


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