Recruitment, Retention, and Intervention Outcomes from the Dedicated African American Dad (DAAD) Study

Jul 2021 | Wrenetha Julion, Jen'nea Sumo, Michael E. Schoeny, Susan M. Breitenstein, & Dawn T. Bounds Read More

Promoting parenting in home visiting: A CACE analysis of Family Foundations

Jul 2021 | Ammerman, R. T., Peugh, J. L., Teeters, A. R., Sakuma, K,-L. K, Jones, D. E., Hostetler, M. L., Van Ginkel, J. B., & Feinberg, M. E. Read More

Development and Feasibility of the Prenatal Video-Feedback Intervention to Promote Positive Parenting for Expectant Fathers

Feb 2021 | Kin Alyousefi-van Dijk, Noor de Waal, Marinus H. van Iljzendoorn, & Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg Read More

Transforming Impossible into Possible (TIP) for Fatherhood: An Empowerment-Based Social Work Intervention

Apr 2021 | Philip Young P. Hong, Dara Lewis, Jang Ho Park, Rana Hong, & Ed Davies Read More

Coparenting and Parenting Outcomes of Online Relationship Interventions for Low-Income Couples

Mar 2021 | Le, Y., O'Reilly Treter, M., Roddy, M. K., & Doss, B. D. Read More

Engaging fathers in the first 1000 days to improve perinatal outcomes and prevent obesity: Rationale and design of the First Heroes randomized trial.

Dec 2020 | Rachel C. Whooten, Gracia M. Kwete, Haley Farrar-Muir, Rachel N. Cournoyer, Elizabeth A. Barth, Milton Kotelchuck, & Elsie M. Traveras. Read More

Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids UK, a weight management programme for fathers: feasibility RCT.

Nov 2019 | Tania Griffin, Yongzhong Sun, Manbinder Sidhu, Peymane Adab, Adrienne Burgess, Clare Collins, Amanda Daley, Andrew Entwistle, Emma Frew, Pollyanna Hardy, Kiya Hurley, Laura Jones, Eleanor McGee, Miranda Pallan, Myles Young, Philip Morgan, & Kate Jolly. Read More




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