FRPN Webinar: Including Fathers in State Programs and Policies: Why Child Support Agencies Should Play a Leadership Role & Availability of New FRPN Planning Grants

Nov 2018

This webinar, jointly sponsored by the National Child Support Enforcement Association and the FRPN, highlights how states include fathers in programs and policies dealing with families and the critical role that child support agencies play in supporting such fatherhood initiatives and programs. It featuresnational information on state programs, funding arrangements and benefits as well as the experiences of child support agencies and programs in several states, including Ohio and South Carolina.

The FRPN also describes its new funding opportunity for $10,000 state planning grants for initiatives to promote father inclusion in this webinar. Participation of State IV-D directors or their designees in the initiatives is a requirement for funding.

Download the webinar slides at the link below. Learn more about the FRPN's state planning grants.

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