Policies and Programs Affecting Fathers: A State-by-State Report Chapter 2: Child Support (Updated March 2022)

Jan 2022 | Jessica Pearson & Rachel Wildfeuer

This chapter examines how states and the District of Columbia handle six child support issues that affect low-income fathers. Some policies within each of these areas have the potential to make fathers more or less involved with their children by affecting their ability to be economic providers. Thus, we present information on whether and how states and the District of Columbia establish child support orders that take into account the circumstances of low-income fathers and their ability to support themselves and also pay support; control the growth of arrears by charging interest on past due child support; invite the modification of child support orders through criteria on the minimum changes needed to qualify for an order adjustment; help unemployed and underemployed fathers in the child support program find jobs through dedicated programs; distribute collected child support to families receiving cash benefits rather than sending it to the state for welfare cost recovery; and reduce unpayable child support debt through policies and programs to discharge or compromise state-owed arrears. 

Download Chapter 2: Child Support below. 

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