Policies and Programs Affecting Fathers: A State-by-State Report Chapter 8: Family Law

Jan 2022 | Jessica Pearson & Rachel Wildfeuer

This chapter addresses state policies on a number of family law topics that affect separated/divorced and never-married fathers and their families, respectively. With respect to the separated/divorced population, we present information on court-ordered custody arrangements and court-authorized services to help divorcing parents generate agreements about how the child will spend time with each of them and maintain contact when there are concerns about safety. With respect to nonmarital families, we present information on policies concerning paternity establishment and information on the development of parenting time plans. Additionally, and relevant for all populations, we consider adjustments to child support order levels for parenting time in state child support guidelines, as well as the problem of domestic violence and promising practices to prevent and address it.

Download Chapter 8: Family Law below.

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