Predictors of mothers' participation in a mother-only coparenting intervention conducted in fatherhood programs

Aug 2021 | Jay Fagan & Jessica Pearson


While fatherhood programs are increasingly implementing coparenting classes for mothers, very little is known about the circumstances that could increase or inhibit a mother's participation in joining such a class. The current study uses ecological systems theory to explore the microsystems, mesosystems, and macrosystems that relate to mothers' participation in a coparenting class. Pretest data from 277 fathers attending fatherhood programs are used to predict mothers' participation in a mother-only coparenting class. Fathers' perceived relationship quality, perceptions of the coparenting alliance, recent legal challenges, and residing in a rural/small-town community were significantly associated with whether the mother participated in the coparenting program. Fatherhood programs should address the issues that appear to deter mothers from participating in coparenting interventions, including high levels of couple conflict, recent father incarceration, and recent father trouble with the law.

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